chapter one: sangria eguor

The wind was still, settling warmly on the red figure standing out in the open. The only sound was the occasional chirp of a bird up high and the chitter-chatter of crickets, beetles and insects alike.  She was a statue; unmoving, silent, and focused on her prey. Freshly sharpened spear in hand, she was ready to make her move at any given moment. There was only thing stopping her: the creature itself, with its deadly fanged teeth and vicious aura. Panthera pardus weren’t uncommon on the small island the Etenians had inhabited–in fact, they were anything but. Continue reading



Something one would never dare alter, in any way, shape, or form. Simply because if one small thing were to be changed, that one thing would cause a chain reaction, altering the state of the present permanently. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, no matter how tiny the action.

But, what would happen if one were to, say, revive a long forgotten culture? What would happen if one were to bring one of the oldest, most diverse populations known to Simerica into the technologically advanced, modern society? More specifically, if that culture were brought back into one of the largest cities in the world?

Simply put, chaos would ensue. Scientist would plunge into a world filled to the brim with logical explanations of how any of this happened, how the world came to be; archaeologists would begin digging deeper and deeper into the boiling core of the Earth, striving to explain how it was even possible to rekindle such an ancient dwelling. Those against the science and nature of time travel would rise and rebel, fiercely struggling to bring things back to the way they were. History would be rewritten, time and time again.

This is the story of such events.

This is the story of the Etenians, a tribe belonging to the Leosu culture; a tribe that changed the world as we know it; a tribe simkind will never forget. Continue reading


“I really do not see why you all like her so much. What is it that you see in her? Ugh, and look at her, thinking she can be with the Chief.” Calliope rolled her eyes at Daisy and the Chief, who was obviously undertaken by Daisy’s mindless chatter. It had been a long day with little kills, and though the campgrounds were well stocked, Froly had specifically instructed the duo to find and kill as much of the jungle as possible. Winter was around the corner and livestock would be running short.

“I don’t know, Calliope, but would you mind helping me hang this pelt?”

“I just want to know. I mean, she’s not even really all that pretty; she’s just a dumb little floozy who thinks her looks can get her everything.”

“Maybe you don’t see it because you don’t have one,” Fritter muttered under his breath. Calliope growled at him, baring her fangs as her body took on a slight glow.

“And what is THAT supposed to mean?!”

“It means she has a heartSomething you obviously don’t know of.”

“I know what a heart is, Fritter.”

“But do you have one?” Fritter smirked at Calliope and lifted one corner of the heavy-weighted leopard pelt, pinning it up in the tree to dry. Calliope glared at him, her skin glowing brighter and brighter as she pushed him up against a tree, one hand wrapped around his thick neck.

“I can rip your throat out before you can say, I’m sorry, Fritter. You know that. Now, we don’t want to get on each other’s nerves, do we?” The side of her mouth went upwards in a cocky side-grin. Calliope rolled her eyes and threw Fritter back against the tree, pinning the rest of the pelt up with an inhuman speed and scoffed at Fritter.

“You sicken me.”

He just smiled and dusted the dirt off of his knees.

“Guys?” Froly’s thick Etenian accent rang throughout the small campground, “I think you should come and see this.”